About Me

My name is Maria Radwanski, and I am a nurse. I am a co-owner of a free-standing home health agency, serving our community in south central Pennsylvania for the past 11 years.

Learn as much by writing as by reading. ~Lord Acton

I started to blog a long time ago to try to provide some clarity in the not so clear world of health care. Health related information abounds and opinions are everywhere. It’s hard to  find clarity and insight. Sometimes I write to help me figure out the solution to a problem, but most of the time I want to help sift through the clutter of option and information that’s out there and render a sound byte.

As a nurse, my focus has been writing for my first blog for over the last 8 years. The  information contained has mostly been targeted to help families caring for ill loved ones at home. Recently, I started to develop writers block in my blogging until I finally realized that I expected one site to meet all my needs. To that end, I have just added two additional blogs in hopes to succinctly direct toward the content to specific audiences in the additional spaces. This space, Life’s Daily Hacks allows me to talk about more general life thoughts, in a journaling format.

My third space, Health Calls News and Issues, provides a forum to speak to health professionals about health policy issues, healthcare business trends, and news about my employees and home health agency.

Thanks for joining me on my journey toward improving my content and spaces.